1- The customer has the right to complain for a period of 30 days from the date of sending the shipment 2- The right to compensation is for the sender of the shipment 3- In the event that the sender wishes to waive the compensation to the recipient, it shall be through a legal agency 4- Compensation in the same value and not exceeding 750 riyals, according to the regulations of the Communications Commission. The sender must provide the documents required for compensation, which are as follows: *Original invoice for the value of the product *Picture of the policy *Bank account Delex apologizes for compensation in the event that none of the above requirements are met 5- In cases of damage, the recipient has the right to prove the damage within 24 hours of receipt and attach photos to prove the condition of the damaged shipment. In the event of the customer’s complaint after the agreed time, he apologizes to the door for accepting the complaint 6- In cases of delay in delivery beyond the agreed time, the customer shall be compensated with the value of the freight, except for cases resulting from delay due to a reason beyond his control, emergency circumstances or force majeure.